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NECA exists to protect, influence and advance the electrotechnology industry. We concentrate on delivering a service based on people, process and governance. Our business model ensures accountability, transparency and safety. We only endorse what is best for our members and the wider industry, economy and community. We have all the things you need, when you need them.

We give back to industry by creating equitable and sustainable outcomes

NECA continues to grow and evolve as a brand in our pursuit of making a difference to the lives of Australians. We are equipped with the tools to protect you and the industry.

In time of need, NECA will protect the community

Our team understands what our members and the industry need to build and grow a profitable business. We crack the whip on the regulator and keep the union in check. With member support and advocacy for regulations and policies, our members use NECA as a resource to do something about their problems and ensure business operations perform better. We have access to the government, regulators and the key decision makers in our industry. We want our members to know that they can ‘call NECA’ and we’ll help them sort it out the safe way.

When you succeed, we succeed.

We are your voice and we make sure you are heard. We salvage situations, help businesses and create better outcomes to protect our members.

NECA is here for you, and it’s here for good!

The Victorian branch is the founding branch of NECA. We first opened our doors to members in 1916.  Back then our range of services was very limited, but, as we do continue to do today, we represented the interests of the electrical and communication contractors.

Today, over a century later, we offer a much more comprehensive range of services to our members ranging from WHS, Industrial Relations, Legal, Workplace Relations, Human Capital Management and a broad range of exclusive member benefits to save contractors both time and money.

We work hard behind the scenes to improve the industry. For over a century, we’ve been a constant in the community.  We’ve done the hard yards to ensure valuable service to our members, as well as the broader industry, so their business is always improving. 

We provide on the ground support and education run by the industry, for the advancement of the industry. 

NECA provides constant local support to its members and the flexibility to give you what you need, when you need it. 

We are National by name, with roots locally on the ground. We’re run by contractors, for contractors and represent members in all states and territories of Australia. Our services are backed by our firsthand local knowledge of the industry and the connections we have built over these years. We’ve continued to evolve and innovate to break new ground. We know what’s going on and how to help. Our community has over 6,000 member organisations across the nation, representing 30% of the industry.

We are the toolbox for the industry

We work hard behind the scenes to improve the industry by providing reliable and constant support, information and education. Our determination gives us an edge, helping members achieve their goals, whatever they may be. The services we offer reflect what the industry needs most and are available when they need them.

We’re here for you, and we care about quality! - That’s our differentiator!

NECA faces many competitors in the market, we have overcome this with an unparalleled commitment to the best interests of our community. Many of our competitors overpromise and underdeliver, they tend to be sporadic and offer poorer service quality, despite sometimes being more expensive. Our friendly and passionate team remain consistent in our on the ground, local delivery.


Since Pawel’s arrival at NECA Victoria we’ve seen them grow from strength to strength. NECA Victoria has rebuilt an exceptional, innovative team that has assisted the electrical industry navigate one of Victoria’s toughest times throughout the pandemic. NECA Victoria have also lobbied Government for much needed reform and negotiated countless industrial agreements in challenging times. As an industry association, they are by far the best we’re involved in. If you’re not already a member, I’d highly recommended joining to exploit their extensive offerings.

- Jarrod Smith, Director & GM, Fredon VIC

Signing up for NECA membership was the best decision I made for my business. The HSEQ system has made our life so much easier. It not only covers us legally from a documentation perspective but also helps us train our staff. Zendesk provides us the flexibility in accessing all the standards at any time. Support from all staff members is been great and always happy to help. It's worth every single dollar we have invested in it.

- Tarak Shah, Sunsolar

Since 2013, It’s good to know that NECA has been in our corner. From HR advice to technical advice to Contract Law and everything in between, NECA is our one stop call for navigating the complexities of business in today’s environment. Business is challenging enough, NECA help remove the challenge, A must have membership for any business in the electrical industry.

- Darren Klashovski, General Manager, Praxis Group

I joined as I was offered membership and thought it was a good opportunity. I am hoping to attend events in person, network with other tradesman, and get extra training or experience if offered by the membership program.

- Jay, Apprentice


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Join today! To take advantage of the specialist services, exclusive products and discounts that are available exclusively for NECA members.