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A guide to Cybersecurity for electrical business owners

14 February 2024

The digital landscape presents plenty of opportunities for growth in the electrical industry, but with those benefits come cyber threats that loom over businesses of any scale. As someone who runs an electrical business, understanding and implementing robust cybersecurity measures is critical for the security of your business.  

This comprehensive guide is tailored for small and medium business owners, and electrical contractors looking to secure their digital assets without getting lost in the jargon.  

Ensuring the security of your digital infrastructure isn’t just protection for your business. As a service provider, you have a responsibility to protect everyone in your database, from your employees to customers who rely on your expertise. 

Understanding Cybersecurity Risks in the Electrical Industry 

Cybersecurity isn’t merely an IT issue; it's a fundamental business concern. The electrical industry is a vital cog in the wheel of society, and thus, an attractive target for cybercriminals. The threats are diverse, from hacking attempts that can paralyse your day-to-day operations to phishing scams that aim to deceive your employees.  

The Consequences of Inaction 

The consequences of a cybersecurity breach extend beyond financial losses and operational disruptions. For electrical businesses, breaches could result in compromised safety systems and even endanger public safety if the attack impacts the electric grid. This is not an overstatement; the digital health of your business is directly linked to the physical safety of communities. 

Build a Secure Network Infrastructure 

Your network infrastructure is the foundation of your digital operations. Protecting it is like reinforcing the walls of your business. Here are the steps you need to take to build a strong cybersecurity for your business.  

Shield with Strong Passwords and Authentication 

Start with the basics: robust, complex passwords that change periodically. Layer this with multi-factor authentication, which adds an additional barrier to entry, making your accounts far less penetrable. 

Regular Updates: A Proactive Approach 

Stay ahead of threats involves keeping your software and firmware updated. Developers often release patches to counter new vulnerabilities, and these updates are your first line of defence. 

Wired Tight: Secure Wi-Fi Networks 

Wireless networks are convenient but can be liabilities if not properly secured. Employ WPA3 standards for modern encryption and keep your Wi-Fi network physically separate from guest networks to maintain their integrity. 

Protect Customer Data: A Trustworthy Service Provider 

As an electrical business owner, you’re not just protecting your data; you're preserving your customers' trust. This trust can be irreversibly damaged should their sensitive information fall into the wrong hands. 

Encryption: The Language of Security 

Encrypted data is unintelligible to anyone who intercepts it without authorisation. Implementing robust encryption protocols is a cornerstone of data protection in the electrical industry. 

Data Access: Restrict and Reassure 

Not all employees need access to all data. Segment your data and enforce strict controls to ensure only those who need to see sensitive information can access it, and then only under well-defined circumstances. 

Backup and Recovery: An Essential Duo 

Regular backups protect you from data loss due to anything from cyber-attacks to accidental deletions. A sound recovery plan is equally important; it should be tested and ready to deploy to minimise operational downtime. 

Secure Physical Assets: An Underappreciated Aspect 

The digital and physical worlds converge when it comes to cybersecurity. Neglecting one side of the coin exposes vulnerabilities that savvy attackers can exploit. 

Permission Controls and Surveillance 

Implement systems that require authentication to access sensitive areas. Equip critical points with surveillance, for an audit trail and a possible deterrent to physical breaches. 

Devices: From Cradle to Grave 

When devices reach their end-of-life, their data should not outlive them. Ensure all data is securely wiped from storage media before disposing of old equipment. 

Employee Training and Awareness: The Human Firewall 

Your employees can be either your greatest defence or your weakest link. Fostering a culture of cybersecurity awareness is an investment in your business' resilience. 

The Importance of Ongoing Education 

Cyber threats evolve, and so must the knowledge of your staff. Providing ongoing education will enable them to recognise and respond to new threats effectively. 

Practice for Perfection 

Conduct regular drills and simulations to prepare your workforce for the event of an actual cyber-attack. This active learning will solidify their responses, turning theory into muscle memory. 

Clear and Enforceable Policies 

Establish and enforce policies that define acceptable use of the business's IT resources. Make these rules clear and ensure that all employees understand their implications for daily operations. 

Partner with Cybersecurity Experts 

Acknowledging when you're out of your depth is not a sign of weakness, but of wisdom. Cybersecurity is a complex field, and partnership with professionals can provide invaluable expertise. 

Risks, Reimagined by Professionals 
Consult with cybersecurity experts to perform detailed risk assessments tailored to your business. Identifying your specific risks gives you clearer targets for your protection measures. 

Implement Security Measures 
With strategic guidance from professionals, put in place the specific security measures your risk assessments recommend. This could be as simple as a software firewall or as complex as a custom intrusion detection system. 

Keep a Finger on the Digital Pulse 
Finally, remain constantly vigilant by staying informed of cybersecurity trends and threats. Continuous monitoring and updating of your security measures is a commitment, but it pales in comparison to the cost of complacency. 


Committing to robust cybersecurity practices isn't just about preventing undesirable scenarios; it’s a proactive effort that secures your profitability and reputation. As an electrical business owner, the steps outlined in this guide are your first line of defence in a cyber landscape fraught with risks. Protect not just your hardware and software, but your most valuable assets: your reputation, your customer trust, and the communities you serve. 

Now is the time to act. Begin by implementing one strategy, and let it build into a comprehensive approach. The journey may be daunting, but the peace of mind and security it offers are immeasurable. Your business and your industry depend on it. 

Remember, cybersecurity is not a destination; it's a journey, a continued process of vigilance and adaptation. By reading this guide, you've already taken the first step on that road. Now, continue forward, aware and empowered. Your business—and the safety of the world—depends on it. 

Next Steps 

NECAGuard, the insurance program of choice for NECA Members has developed an insurance program that specifically address the needs of those working in the electrical and communications industry. Reach out to them about Cybersecurity cover via email at [email protected].  

NECA runs regular webinars and workshops on various topics. Keep an eye out on emails for upcoming events.  

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