Human Capital Management

Complying with employment legislation such as the Fair Work Act, modern Awards and state-based legislation, can be complex and hard to keep up with, especially when regulations are changing rapidly.

No matter what size your business is, our Human Capital Management consulting services can assist you with every step of the employment process, from recruiting and selecting, onboarding, managing employees and ending employment.

You can keep working in your business, as we work on your business. We can “parachute” our professionals into businesses for short-term/ongoing engagements to help you meet compliance obligations and people management needs.

Benefits as a NECA Member

We can provide NECA members with a range of Human Capital Management (HCM) Services at very competitive NECA member rates:

Legislative changes

Our highly skilled team can assist you in staying up to-date with legislative changes in the HR space and provide an Employment Health Check for your business.

Cloud Based Subscription

Cloud-based subscription service with templates, employment contracts, policies and procedures in editable format and termination procedures. Also included in the subscription are a suite of Employment Fact Sheets can assist your business in complying with Award and legislative obligations. They are a must-have resource for members, containing frequently asked questions about employment rights and entitlements tailored to the electrotechnology industry.

Additional Services

Fee for service at competitive rates


We can provide training to employees and management on a range of employment-related topics. Training can be conducted at your business, or your employees can be trained at NECA offices.


Policies should be reviewed regularly to accommodate changes in business practice, legislation and standards. NECA can review and provide recommendations on your current HR policies, to ensure compliance and relevance.


Salary benchmarking is vital to maintaining a competitive pay structure, remaining ahead of the game and attracting the best talent. We can support you by providing salary benchmark data that can provide critical information to guide boards and management on how to pay fairly, help to retain critical and valued staff, reduce turnover costs (loss of corporate memory, recruitment, upskilling, probation times) and demonstrate the business values its staff.


An engagement survey enables you to find out from your employees how things are going in the business so that you can identify how to continually improve from within. Employee Engagement Surveys can measure employees' commitment, motivation, sense of purpose and passion for their work and for the organisation allowing you to plan for the future to get the best out of your employees.


Policies in the workplace are an essentimponent of human resources for any business. They outline internal operating procedures and set standards for employee behavior and performance.


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