NECAGuard is the insurance program of choice for NECA Members

By using NECAGuard you receive the backing and strength of the Association to ensure that your interests are properly pursued.

If the worst happens and you do have to make a claim, a broker will act on your behalf, liaising with the insurance company to negotiate the best possible outcome for you.

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We bundle insurance packages to suit your needs

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Products Offered

Combined Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Management Liability

  • Public and product liability provides cover for damage to third party property and bodily injury to third parties
  • Professional indemnity covers claims arising out of errors and omissions in design, specification and professional advice
  • Management liability provides cover for claims made against you for wrongful acts as a business owner including employee theft, wrongful dismissal


  • Comprehensive cover for vehicles used for business use
  • No excess for windscreen only claims
  • Cover not restricted to nominated drivers
  • Accessories automatically covered to high limits
  • Optional Extras include hire car following an accident, roadside assistant and agreed value for vehicles

Property Trade Pack

  • Affordable option for small businesses covering contents and stock
  • Includes coverage for glass, money and additional increased costs of working
  • Theft (up to $10,000)
  • Fraud or dishonesty of employees

Income Protection via Personal accident and Sickness

  • Personal accident and sickness provides cover 24/7
  • Options available to cover sickness as well as Injury
  • High age limits
  • Extensive range of lifestyle benefits automatically included

General and Commercial Property

  • Comprehensive cover including accidental damage for specified tools such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets anywhere in Australia
  • Comprehensive property policies available including optional cover for flood, higher theft limits and business interruption

NECAGuard Essentials

  • Designed for small electrical businesses and sole contractors
  • Provides comprehensive cover for your tools and accidents that’s easy to understand and quick to set-up.
  • Flexible levels of cover
  • Discounts off premiums
  • No fuss set up
  • Clear policy selections

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know which specific insurance product(s) I require for my electrical business?

If you’re starting a new electrical business, or looking at evolving your current business, it will be exposed to certain risks. It’s important to take out insurance that is tailored to your needs. Especially in the early days, just one claimable event or lawsuit could cripple your business before it gets off the ground.

Some products are non-negotiable, for example every business needs public liability cover. We strongly recommend two other types of insurance products for electrical businesses.

Professional indemnity

This is designed for businesses who provide advice, or a service to their customers. It protects you against legal costs and claims for damages to third parties which may arise out of an act, omission or breach of professional duty in the course of your business.

Commercial Property

This covers your fixtures and fittings and contents against loss, damage or theft. It also provides protection for loss or damage to the glass windows, signs and showcases at your premises.

How is my insurance premium calculated?

It can sometimes seem like you’re quoted a random number when it comes to your insurance premium, but there’s a significant process that occurs.

Insurance premiums are calculated differently depending on the class of insurance you’re seeking, what activities your business is specifically involved in, your industry and the insurer’s viewpoint.

So what is taken into account? Firstly, insurers look at common rating factors such as your company’s revenue and market value and the value of your assets. They also investigate any claims experience. Your premium could also be influenced by policy terms and conditions, such as coverage, limits, deductibles and excess.

It’s possible for you to influence your premium cost through a number of strategies, and a NECAGuard representative can talk you through this.

If my electrical business goes through a massive change halfway through an insurance policy, what do I do?

Businesses often go through changes throughout the year and while some are planned and expected, others can be last minute and disruptive. You might undergo a reorganisation or a restructuring, but no matter what change your business experiences, it’s important to make sure your insurance policy reflects them.

You can update your policy with NECAGuard at any point during the year. Also known as an endorsement, an update will allow an amendment or addition to your existing insurance contract, changing the terms or scope of the original policy to reflect what’s changed in your electrical business.

Talk to NECAGuard as soon as possible so that your policy is up to date with your new business needs.

Insurance is not a “one size fits all”, if you tell us what you do and we can recommend the best cover for your business so you are well-protected.

What types of insurance do I need?

As an electrical contractor you will be required to have Public Liability. And if you have employees, you must also have Workers’ Compensation.

But what other covers should you consider? As each business is different to the next, it is important that you find out exactly what insurance types you should have. Once your insurance broker has developed an understanding of your business, this  is a great question to ask first up.

Is the Business Description on the policy broad enough to cover all the work I do?

Not all Public Liability policies are the same. When comparing policies, don’t just look at the limits, excess and premium. Usually a Public Liability policy will only cover you for the activities in your Business Description (sometimes called Business Activities).

If your policy only says Electrician or Electrical Contractor ask your broker for the Insurer’s definitions of those terms. We recommend other activities such as HVAC  contractor, Data & Telecommunications Contractor, Solar Design and Installation, Home Automation Installation should all be separately listed under the Business Description. Every activity should be noted on the policy.

What do all the insurance types mean exactly?

You are not expected to be an insurance expert. This is when you can rely on your broker. You should ask your insurance broker to thoroughly explain all the different types of insurance.

What is Public Liability and how  does it affect me? What is Professional Indemnity insurance? What is Contract Works? You can never ask enough of these questions. Knowledge is power, remember? A good broker should be an educator to you as it will help you develop an understanding of what to do in different situations.

What do I do if I have a claim?

The most important question of all. Establishing your communication strategy/action plan with your broker is very important in the instance that you do need to make a claim. You need to know exactly what the best steps of action are with your broker in these unfortunate situations!

Don’t have an Insurance Broker? You can ask these questions to a direct insurer but remember they can only provide advice about their own policy and don’t represent you. A broker represents you and can provide independent advice.

There is no limit on the number of questions you should be asking your insurance broker. Having the comfort and peace of mind that your business is safe will ensure that you are never distracted or worried when making important decisions for the future of your business.

At Willis Towers Watson we have built the NECAGuard Insurance Program to meet the needs of NECA members. We take the time to assess each application and we are able to include a wide variety of activities in the business description.

And whilst for NECAGuard we work with a select range of insurers, if required for you, we will also utilise the broader insurance market.

If you are interested in receiving a quote or have insurance questions, don’t hesitate to call or email the NECAGuard Team.

Why should you appoint Willis Towers Watson?

Willis Towers Watson is a leading global advisory, broking and solutions company that helps clients around the world turn risk into a path for growth. 

By selecting Willis Towers Watson as your Insurance Broker:

  • You have access to a service team dedicated to assisting NECA Members
  • You gain access to a streamlined application process
  • You will not incur any transition costs
  • You have access to a specialised Claims Advocacy team
  • You have access to a broad range of offerings

When is the right time to call?

Regardless of when your insurance is due, NECAGuard can provide you with a competitive comparison rate.


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