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NECA has been recognising the importance of electrical inspectors in our industry since 1998.  If you want to be part of a community of electrical inspectors, join NECA where you can mix with likeminded people at special LEI forums. You also have access to technical support, standards and regular industry updates. Become part of the network of electrical inspectors that makes a difference.

Benefits as part of your Membership

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We advocate strongly for the LEI’s to help create a better future for our industry.

Training & Education

Discounted courses through NECA Education and Careers for you and your employees as well as a $200 voucher upon joining.


Keep up to date with an inspector-only newsletter, the NECA Magazine as well as eNews and eAlerts in your inbox.

Invitation to Inspector Forum

Exclusive invitation to attend the bi-annual inspector forums and workshops. These events are tailored for inspectors.


Access to over 24 Technical standards at your fingertips with TKB (Technical Knowledgebase) and free unlimited calls to the technical and safety hotline for expert advise

More bang for your buck

With special discounts on fuel, fleet, and internet/mobile, you can save thousands with a NECA Membership.

Additional Services

Fee for service at competitive rates

Mentoring & Support

Additional mentoring and support services are available to those wanting to stand out from the crowd.

Don’t just take our word for it...

Since Pawel’s arrival at NECA Victoria we’ve seen them grow from strength to strength. NECA Victoria has rebuilt an exceptional, innovative team that has assisted the electrical industry navigate one of Victoria’s toughest times throughout the pandemic. NECA Victoria have also lobbied Government for much needed reform and negotiated countless industrial agreements in challenging times. As an industry association, they are by far the best we’re involved in. If you’re not already a member, I’d highly recommended joining to exploit their extensive offerings.

- Jarrod Smith, Director & GM, Fredon VIC

I joined as I was offered membership and thought it was a good opportunity. I am hoping to attend events in person, network with other tradesman, and get extra training or experience if offered by the membership program.

- Jay, Apprentice

Since 2013, It’s good to know that NECA has been in our corner. From HR advice to technical advice to Contract Law and everything in between, NECA is our one stop call for navigating the complexities of business in today’s environment. Business is challenging enough, NECA help remove the challenge, A must have membership for any business in the electrical industry.

- Darren Klashovski, General Manager, Praxis Group

Signing up for NECA membership was the best decision I made for my business. The HSEQ system has made our life so much easier. It not only covers us legally from a documentation perspective but also helps us train our staff. Zendesk provides us the flexibility in accessing all the standards at any time. Support from all staff members is been great and always happy to help. It's worth every single dollar we have invested in it.

- Tarak Shah, Sunsolar

Membership Tiers

Sole trader & Small Businesses

NECA is here to help you achieve your business goals so you can live the quintessential dream! Learn More

Medium size businesses & enterprises

Consider NECA as an extension of your team as you scale and grow your business in this challenging landscape. Learn More

Large Businesses & Electrical Contractors

NECA has been working with large contractors to shape the future of our industry and ensure our businesses thrive. Learn More

LEI (Licensed Electrical Inspectors)

Don't go it alone, join a community of likeminded inspectors and make a difference in the industry. Learn More


Access information and resources to thrive in this challenging yet rewarding industry as you become an REC. Learn More


Handed in your tools, but still want to keep your finger on the pulse? Keep on top of what's happening in the industry. Learn More

(Industry Legends)

Electrical industry legends keeping the spark alive by meeting regularly with old industry mates. Learn More


Join today! To take advantage of the specialist services, exclusive products and discounts that are available exclusively for NECA members.

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Join today! To take advantage of the specialist services, exclusive products and discounts that are available exclusively for NECA members.