Looking to live the quintessential dream...

Feel like a small fish in a big pond with big ideas, but don’t know where to start or who to go to for help?

NECA is here to help you achieve your goals so you can live the dream! Consider us an extension of your team that you can tap into when you need to. We are local (our office is based in the heart of Melbourne), and we have in-house expertise in Technical, Safety, Legal and Workplace Relations (handy if you manage a small team).

Benefits as part of your Membership

Technical Knowledge

Unlimited technical advice and support from our in-house experts & access to over 24 Australian Standards through TKB.

Legal Support

Receive a complimentary 30 minute consult (per year) with our in-house legal team, Constructive Legal Solutions

Training & Education

Discounted courses through NECA Education and Careers for you and your employees as well as a $200 voucher upon joining.

More bang for your buck

With special discounts on fuel, fleet, and internet/mobile, you can save thousands with a NECA Membership.

Employee Assistance Program

Free and unlimited phone sessions and 4 free face-to-face sessions with Employee Mental Health Provider, Hunterlink, for the entire company and their immediate family members.

Tailor-made Insurance

NECAGuard, insurance made for the Electrical Industry.

Don’t just take our word for it...

Signed up to NECA to gain more industry insights and to stay up dated on standards, regulatory and technical changes, as well as to get access to the very valuable TKB. Having these standards available on my devices, while out on a job, has been invaluable in clarifying requirements of some tricky projects. I am grateful that NECA is on hand to advocate for the industry at a state and federal level, without that support, our needs and expectations, most likely, would never be heard. Starting as a sole-trader, NECA was an invaluable investment. Access to the extensive TKB alone pays for the subscription, however it is the industry network opportunity that is the most important aspect for most contractors in my opinion.

- Xavier, Alpex Electrical

Signing up for NECA membership was the best decision I made for my business. The HSEQ system has made our life so much easier. It not only covers us legally from a documentation perspective but also helps us train our staff. Zendesk provides us the flexibility in accessing all the standards at any time. Support from all staff members is been great and always happy to help. It's worth every single dollar we have invested in it.

- Tarak Shah, Sunrun Solar

We started our business 20 years ago and we have been a member of NECA since the beginning. They have been invaluable over the years as we have often seeked advice from matters ranging from wages and employees, legal obligations, OH&S updates to cable sizing for power requirements. We have always received prompt replies and welcoming advice! Highly recommend any electrical business being a NECA members as we have never felt like we are on our own with the constant changes and regulations that our industry is faced with.

- Cath and Billy Mahoney, Billy Mahoney Electrical

Since 2013, It’s good to know that NECA has been in our corner. From HR advice to technical advice to Contract Law and everything in between, NECA is our one stop call for navigating the complexities of business in today’s environment. Business is challenging enough, NECA help remove the challenge, A must have membership for any business in the electrical industry.

- Darren Klashovski, General Manager, Praxis Group

A great source of current information enabling us to keep up with Industry changes and the like. Prompt and thorough back end support for matters including, but not restricted wages, entitlements, OH and S,  legal, contracts,  refresher courses and upskill training. If you want that peace of mind knowing that you have expert advice at your fingertips / NECA is for you! Our membership has spanned more than 50 years showing our appreciation of the service that NECA has offered our company over the journey

- Damian Fiolet, Director,Fenton Electrical

I have been with NECA since I started my business in 2004, I believe that having the support of NECA has been essential to the growth and everyday function of my business from industry awareness that Neca supply through emails and industry function nights, employee training and the personal support that is provided with Your HESQ , Insurance and being able to speak personally to someone on Technical issues on AS/NZS 3000 . My membership with NECA has been an invaluable tool no less than the hand tools we use to work with everyday.

- Chris Pearce, C & M Pearce Electrical

Our NECA membership has been a key part of our compliance with Health and Safety and well as assisting us in keeping updated with changes in the Electrical Industry. The NECA member portal has been a useful tool for our Technicians and Management to access relevant and up to date information and resources and has also assisted our HR and HSE departments with queries as their arise.

- Chris Taylor, Regional Manager,Tasman

Access Exclusive Services

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Quick and easy way for members to access prompt technical assistance. Learn More


Assisting employers with WHS to ensure they meet their obligations.  Learn More

Workplace Relations

Advice and guidance on a range of matters such as wages & entitlements.  Learn More

Human Capital Management

Assistance with every step of the employment process. Learn More


Key to success is continuous professional development and upskilling.  Learn More


A NECA Vic legal team, committed to delivering constructive legal outcomes. Learn More

Member benefits and discounts

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NECAGuard provides tailor made insurance for our industry, ensuring you're well protected.


Members their employees & their families have access to FREE mental health and well-being services.


Save up to 6 cents per litre with BP and consolidate your reporting with an online dashboard.


Better range of products at competitive business prices.


Take advantage of the national fleet discount and save thousands on vehicles Australia-wide.


Save and access benefits with Bupa and Medi bank.


Grow your business and save money by streamlining your electrical business operations.


Access 15% discount on eligible new or existing Telstra small business mobile and data plans.

Membership Tiers

Sole trader & Small Businesses

NECA is here to help you achieve your business goals so you can live the quintessential dream! Learn More

Medium size businesses & enterprises

Consider NECA as an extension of your team as you scale and grow your business in this challenging landscape. Learn More

Large Businesses & Electrical Contractors

NECA has been working with large contractors to shape the future of our industry and ensure our businesses thrive. Learn More

LEI (Licensed Electrical Inspectors)

Don't go it alone, join a community of likeminded inspectors and make a difference in the industry. Learn More


Access information and resources to thrive in this challenging yet rewarding industry as you become an REC. Learn More


Handed in your tools, but still want to keep your finger on the pulse? Keep on top of what's happening in the industry. Learn More

(Industry Legends)

Electrical industry legends keeping the spark alive by meeting regularly with old industry mates. Learn More


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Join today! To take advantage of the specialist services, exclusive products and discounts that are available exclusively for NECA members.